The Kratom Guy Show – Episode 9 – Special Guest, Medical Marijuana Doctor, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD MPH FAAFP MRO CMS

This week we have endocannabinoid specialist, cannabis reform rock star and overall awesome human being, Dr. Uma on the show!  We also have an update from Maryland on the bills to schedule kratom from advocate and activist Chris Reading. As well as news from Oregon, Vermont, Missouri and Mississippi. 

Dr. Dhanabalan also known as Dr. Uma is a highly respected and educated physician. In my opinion she played and continues to play a major part in international and local cannabis reform. For more info on Dr. Uma or if you are in Massachusetts and interested in becoming a Massachusetts medical marijuana patient you can go to their website,  


5:40 – Dr. Uma preview
7:20 – Nick White preview 
14:00 – Chris Reading MD testimony and call 
32:40 – Kratom news & current events 
56:00 – Dr. Uma interview 

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