The Kratom Guy Show – Episode 11 – Special Guest, Brave Botanicals Owner/ Operator, John Bush!

This episode is action packed! We have special guest John Bush, owner/ operator of Brave Botanicals in Austin, TX and a fierce kratom advocate and activist! I will also be going over the latest in kratom legality with none other than Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow at the American Kratom Association (AKA)! I saw Mac at the Rhode Island Health & Human Services hearing for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA – HB728) and was able to get a quick interview with Mac after the hearing in the hall! We will also hear from an anonymous advocate in Mississippi about their recent Senate & House hearings to ban kratom (schedule I) in her state!

Over the past 17 years, John has been involved in various organizations and efforts aimed at creating greater peace and freedom in our world. After dealing with chronic fatigue and constant discomfort for years, he began exploring natural remedies for his health problems. His first big “ah-ha” moment came when, under the direction of my naturopath, which helped him beat back a major throat infection by nebulizing colloidal silver. He says, it was then that he finally understood the power the human body has to heal itself when given the proper nutrients and w/ the help of natural remedies.

Years later he took over a bookstore and natural health shop called Brave New Books and began supplying the local community w/ a wide variety of natural and often controversial supplements. It was at this time that he discovered kratom, which changed his life.

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8:00 – John Bush preview
9:00 – Paul Kemp preview
21:40 – Mac Haddow (RI-HB7289)
30:00 – Advocate in Mississippi
37:00 – Interview w/ John Bush

Music by: Lion Heights
Tracks: “Good One” | “Aint What It Seems” | “Dread Step”

American Kratom Association update
RI-HB7289 replay (44:48) RI-HB7289 MS-SB2048 NH-SB758
NH SB758

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