The Kratom Guy Show – Episode 10 – Special Guest, Molecular Biologist, Flux Odyssey Founder, Nick White

This week on the show very special guest Nicholas White, founder of Flux Odyssey supplements company. I go into the latest in kratom news and current events. I went down to Maryland for HB0283 attempted kratom ban and big win from Maryland, they will regulate for 18 plus. Excerpt with my interview with kratom, addiction, and harm reduction advocate and activist, Lisa Lowe from FACE Addiction Maryland; Heroin Action Committee. View all full interview videos on our new Youtube Channel! An update about Missouri, Thailand to decriminalize kratom, San Diego County attempted ban, KCPA being enacted in Oregon and more!

Nick holds a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Neuroscience. At 18 he was diagnosed with ADD and cyclothymia, a form of bipolar disorder, and told he’d never be able to graduate college without taking medication like Ritalin and Lithium. Nick discovered how to solve his own health complications with supplements, nootropics and natural products. He now works as a genetic engineer at a biotech company on the cutting edge of science and has 4+ years experience as a molecular biologist. Nick started Flux Odyssey to pass his knowledge onto others and create natural products to help people improve their health using science-backed research. 

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3:45 – Nick White preview
5:50 – Biz Update
11:35 – News & current events
17:00 – Lisa Lowe (FACE Addiction Maryland; Heroin Action Committee) (News cont.)
1:02:20 – Nick White Interview

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