Mass Herbal Newsletter (March 2020)

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Hello Everyone,

We have some pretty exciting announcements, but first we wanted to wish everyone well during this chaotic time. To be frank- it’s scary out there. We hope everyone is doing as well you can and if there is anything that you need from us please, do not hesitate to send us a message or give us a call. We’re working on ways to unite our community so no one has to feel alone. 

Now onto the good news…  

We now have a new online payment processor! For kratom vendors, not being able to process online payments has been a major obstacle. We can now process online payments direct from our site through ‘Greenpay echeck’. Echeck is a form of online payment and when it’s time to checkout you can safely and securely enter your bank account and routing number. Greenpay creates and electronic check or ‘echeck’ which is then sent to our account. Please see our payments page for more info.  

We’re also humbled and honored to announce our first podcast sponsor! The Kratom Guy Show is now sponsored by Candid Orange Flavored Kratom. As part of the new sponsorship we will be giving away  F-R-E-E Candid samples with every show. The most recent winners to receive giveaway samples were Kimberly & Jon. Tune in next show to see how you be chosen for the next giveaway! 

Our product line is expanding. We are so excited to announce our new vendor partnership with Magnum Opus Botanicals! MO-Botanicals is a family run small business out of Texas. These guys take so much love and care in the products they produce and the ingredients used to create their products. We’re so happy to be teaming up with them to bring you some really awesome new products! We’ll now be carrying their Full Spectrum Liquid Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Extract Tincture, which comes in four great blends. We will also be carrying their Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Extract Skin Salve which not only soothes but smells great, too. 

A new Episode of The Kratom Guy Show is liveEpisode 11 is action packed with special guest John Bush, owner/operator of Brave Botanicals in Austin, TX as well as a fierce kratom advocate and activist. I will also be going over the latest in kratom legality with none other than Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow at the American Kratom Association (AKA)! I saw Mac at the Rhode Island Health & Human Services hearing for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA – HB728) and was able to get a quick interview with Mac after the hearing in the hall. You’ll also hear from an anonymous advocate in Mississippi about their recent Senate & House hearings to ban kratom (Schedule I) in her state.

Thank you so much for your business! 

Wishing you and your family well,

-Mike & Helen Overstreet
Candid Kratom

Each stickpack is infused with Candid’s proprietary orange scented and flavored full spectrum extract, boasting an impressive 45% mitragynine content.

Kratom Guy Show

The Kratom Guy Show w/ Mike Overstreet is a podcast where experts from around the nation discuss kratom news & current events..

Full Spectrum Extract

This full spectrum tincture from Magnum Opus Botanicals consists of pure mitragyna speciosa kratom alkaloids, available in four great blends..


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